Educational Services

Avachyly Educational Services was founded with the belief that all children can learn and thrive in the right learning environment. Educators need to develop their instruction to the different learning styles of each child. They need to give children real world examples to show that what they are learning has meaning and will be useful.

Our learning styles are based on the following:

Auditory/Visual – These children learn best by watching videos, listening to songs, etc. They also thrive when given graphic organizers and other types of study guides to use. This allows an organized method of storing information for better retrieval. It can be helpful for children to learn mnemonics and other “tricks” to help memorize information.

Kinesthetic – These children learn by moving and bouncing. Even something as simple as standing instead of sitting or with the use of a bouncy ball instead of a chair can help them to focus and learn more effectively.

Tactile – These children learn by doing and moving and touching things. They are very hands-on.

At Avachyle Educational Services, we also try to steer clear of “traditional” classroom settings and layouts. We use “flexible seating” which offers a variety of areas for children to sit, stand, and even lay down as they learn and complete assignments. We are not raising robots or a “one size fits all” approach to children. They are all different and learn in variety of ways and means.

Much of what we do is research-based and hands-on. Children learn to think for themselves and research their answers. Too many times people will just read headlines or listen to what someone else says without looking for themselves. We will teach children to look for the answers and how to spot real information from fake information.