An Interactive Story
Chapter 2: Show of force

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Chester the paladin suddenly drew his sword. He had seen enough goblins to know that talking would do no good whatsoever. He leaped forward and swung his sword.

The goblin growled and raised his wooden club, but the razor-sharp edge of the paladin's sword cleaved through the club, chopping it in half. The goblin found himself holding the broken haft of his club and took a step backwards.

"I yield, paladin!" He threw down his broken club and dropped to his knees.

"Why did you stop my passage?"

"This is the goblin's land, paladin. It's my job! You will never live if you go alone. I can help! I go with you and guide you!"

What do you do now?

Accept the goblin's help
Decline and walk past the goblin

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