An Interactive Story
Chapter 1: Beginning of the journey

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A Paladin is walking down a forest path. It is brightly-lit. Birds can be heard chirping in the trees and squirrels chittering as they scurry around. He unfolds a piece of paper from his pocket and re-reads it, still not understanding what is going on:

"Your life is in danger. Go see the Dragon King Borc Draconis!"

The paper is torn in several places and he doesn't recognize the handwriting. He has never had any contact with dragons and doesn't understand why the message was left on the floor of his dormitory at the Temple of Mystaris.

Shoving the paper into his pocket, he looks up to see a scruffy goblin blocking his path. The creature is dirty and has torn clothes on. He carries a misshapen club in his hands. The paladin grabs at his sword in its scabbard, but stops.

What should he do?

What do you do now?

Charge and attack the goblin!
Try to talk first.

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Story program written by Valerie Mates