Introduction to Avachyle

As children, many of us have had great friends. Friends who we went on wonderful adventures with, shared secrets with and who were there when we were lonely or afraid. Since grown-ups couldn’t see or hear these friends, they were most often called “imaginary friends”.  There is even a famous song about a magical dragon with a little friend who stopped coming to visit him when the child grew up.

When I was small I had more than an imaginary friend, I had a whole world. I could go into my room or close my eyes when alone and suddenly I was in the most wonderful magical place. I could see every detail of this place called Avachyle. I ran through the castle and the courtyard, chased supposedly mythical creatures through the forests and even fought in battles no child of my young years would ever have done in our world. Although the logical side of my brain tells me it was all my imagination; this world is still as real to me as if I had lived in England or another foreign country as a child. While my Christian upbringing tells me there is no such thing as reincarnation, I wonder if I could I have lived a previous life not only as another person but in another world? Who knows?

While, for some reason, I can’t find my way there anymore; I can still close my eyes and recall my seemingly endless amazing adventures. They are what I love to write about. These are the stories from the world of Avachyle. And I would love for you to be able to share them with me.

– Dr. Gavin J. Coleman, Ed. D.