I look at society and see people wanting equality and for everything to be treated the same.  This is an awesome concept and one that is most definitely within our grasp. As a schoolteacher, I have taught classes from kindergarten through high school. Children interact with each in class and on the playground, laughing and playing together (particularly in the younger grades). They are not concerned about race or gender, but whether someone is nice to them or not. As we grow up, what happens to change that?  Is it just the innocence of childhood or something more?            

               We, adults and children, are surrounded in our daily lives by T.V. and social media and the internet. People are spewing their opinions and ideas and some people will take that as the truth, especially if they see it on T.V. or social media. We are exposed to movies and books that separate us into different “colors” like black, white, brown, etc. They separate us into different stereotypes and label us.  Why do we need to have special holidays or T.V. shows for different races and colors?  Why not have a “people appreciation day”?  Why do we look at people and say, “Look at the black man!” or “Look at that white lady!” Why not say something like “That looks like a nice man!” or “That lady is pretty!” Do we really need to add the adjective at the beginning that labels us? Can’t we all just look past the colors and see people for who they are?

               People are people. There are good people and there are bad people. The color of the skin doesn’t matter or make someone good or bad. There are a lot of other factors; mostly how they were raised and other experiences that they have had. As former foster parents, my wife and I have had many different children living in our home from babies to teenagers. There have been white kids, Hispanic kids, black kids, Asian kids and biracial kids. They have each had their “issues” but deep inside each kid was, for the most part, a good kid with a good heart who had the misfortune to have a pretty rotten start to their life. It didn’t matter what race they were; they were all removed from their birth parents. Some were returned and some were not. Race had nothing to do with it. It was experiences and how they were raised. I would like to think that for the brief time that they lived with us that we were able to give them a good life and steer them on the right path; we will never know but it is still something to hope for. We didn’t look at those kids any differently because of their race. They were just kids.

               As adults we could learn a lot from kids. For starters, stop making movies and T.V. shows like “Blackish” or “Mixedish” or any other show that specifically points out people by the races and colors. Is it really necessary?  Do we need to have academy awards and pagents just for people of specific color?  Do we need to have awards or scholarships for people of specific races or colors? What about companies that have to hire a specific number of people basic on color or race? Why not hire or give awards to people based on qualifications and merit instead?  Why not have academy awards and pagents that include everyone and doesn’t discriminate based on color or race?

               Let’s go into the schools and communities and fix them up. Teach the poorer people how to provide for themselves and have a good life; help them if they don’t have enough money or have trouble with drugs and alcohol. There are plenty of jobs that these can do to help fix up the communities and keep our kids out of trouble. 

               America is a brotherhood; a melting pot of different people and ideas. With this diversity we can do a lot of great things, but we have to work together and stop trying to sabotage each other.  Who cares what each other believes as far as politics?  When I grew up, political views were always kept secret.  No one knew who voted for who and that was how it was supposed to be. Politicians took care of their people instead of accepting bribes and letting lobbyists tell what to do and what not to do. Should a politician be making millions of dollars and living in mansions eating gourmet ice cream while their constituents live in tent cities and slums?  NO!!!

               They should be in their communities, working together to make them better!  Form community workforces to clean up areas and so that people can pay back what they receive in food and aid. These community workforces can be set up to include after school programs and clubs to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble. Communities have so many people who need jobs; they just need to create opportunities for them to work and contribute to society, even if it’s just picking up trash.

               As a people and a society, we need to take pride in where we live and that is AMERICA! We need to stop worrying about what color or race other people are and look at each other only as people. This is especially true for our politicians and athletes and celebrities. They spew their own opinions and people who “idolize” them see it as truth when it is not. Everyone needs to keep opinions to themselves and look at people as people only.

               In school,  teachers and administrators need to teach morals and how to be good people. Teachers also need to work together with parents to teach the same values. It doesn’t matter what race or color, but rather good choices -vs- bad choices. We have grown into separate little communities, trying to retain the cultures and traditions of other countries and civilizations, but that is not what America is all about.  It is about everyone melting together and becoming ONE PEOPLE – ONE HUMAN FAMILY!

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